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In July of 1976, John Cripe (JC) and Jerry Amsden began building high quality pontoon boats in North Webster, Indiana. A few years later, John's son, Kim Cripe, joined the company. Today, Jerry and Kim continue to independently own and operate J.C. Manufacturing, Inc.

To achieve consistent JC quality requires two factors. First, only the very best components may be used in the construction of our pontoon boats; and second, complete control of the production process must be maintained. Unlike many other manufacturers who must rely on countless outside suppliers, J.C. Manufacturing is very self-sufficient. We are proud to say that all major components, rail systems, upholstery, pontoon tubes and bimini tops are made by us. These in-house capabilities give us control over the final quality of every JC Pontoon. What does this mean to you? Every boat with the JC name will deliver trouble-free performance and top re-sale value, year after year.


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